You Know What Time It Is

Isaiah Thomas was in the hospital for about 3-4 hours the day of game 2 trying to get swelling down on his mouth from losing his front tooth in-game one that required a 6 hours surgery.

Isaiah Thomas knocks down a corner three agasint the Washington Wizards in game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals

Not to mention Thomas was playing game 2 with an even heavier heart his sister Chyna still on his mind, but it was his sister’s birthday, “So she would have been 23 today,” Thomas said. “The least I can do is go out there and play for her. It just wasn’t a good day for me, with it being my sister’s birthday and being in the hospital for three or four hours,” said Thomas, who had returned for additional treatment. “But once I was around the guys and being in the arena, I felt I could go. No way I couldn’t play on her birthday. I wanted to win for her and I wanted to play well for her.” Thomas exclaimed

After torching the Wizards for 53 and scoring 29 points in the fourth and overtime, a gassed John Wall and co had no answer for the star-studded Thomas. Boston surrendered 42 points in the first quarter and trailed by double digits at times. Ultimately Boston fought their way back but the Wizards had two chances to win it at the end John Wall got a good look at a contested shot from the left side of the floor, but it missed and fell in the hands of Bradley Beal who shot it but got nothing but air.

In the second half Thomas made them pay by getting the switches he liked at times in the game he drew bigger defenders like Gortat, Morris, and Porter who stood no chance. Morris and Thomas were going back and forth with trash talk. Thomas telling Morris at times “you can’t guard me” and giving him stares down the court after hitting shots over him. Thomas got the best of him in the trash talk and in the game. One play in particular in overtime, Morris got switched on him fouled Thomas on the wrist while shooting a jump shot as he was losing control of the ball mid-air,  somehow still managed to get the shot off made it and completed the three-point play that sent Morris to the bench with his sixth foul. The 53 points by Thomas is the second most in Boston Playoff history one point shy of John Havlicek.

Isaiah Thomas celebrates a 2-0 lead against the Washington Wizards 

There’s no doubt what so ever that Thomas sister Chyna was looking down on him and giving him everything he needed to play his heart out.


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